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I have lived experience using creative writing and poetry as a way to process life challenges and as a way to explore creativity. I offer a safe space to explore things out of your awareness. This approach often leads to insights and light bulb moments that surface on the page. I run small workshops for beginners and can introduce you to different techniques exploring your inner world and to inspire your creative potential.

I’m a freelance wellbeing writer and a published poet with an MA in Creative Writing (Birkbeck, London). I’m currently working on my debut collection of poetry about sleep, dreams and the unconscious mind. There’s more about my work here: www.leahlarwood.co.uk

I have undertaken various CPD and short courses in mindfulness, counselling and writing therapy. I’m currently in advanced stages of training with the International Federation of Biblio Poetry Therapy under the supervision of world leading Poetry Therapist, psychologist & author, Dr Geri Chavis. I’m also training to become a gestalt psychotherapist.

Interested in learning more? You might like to read this article I wrote about the therapeutic powers of poetry for In the Moment magazine.

What is writing for wellbeing, and how does it differ to creative writing? Watch this video to find out more.

Together in Motherhood: A Writing for Wellbeing Course for Mums

22 April, 29 April, 6 May, 27 May, 3 June | 10am – 12pm (max 10 places)

The Walled Garden, The Community Room, Gt Plumstead, Norfolk, NR13 5FA

An in-person 5-week poetry therapy series perfect for Mums of babies or young children under 8. This writing series offers a safe and creative space to explore poetry about motherhood in all its magnificent messiness. Discovering what you can learn about yourself, through poetry and other writing exercises, this course is about supporting your own unique journey: Understanding how you feel about your experiences, what you’re grateful for, how you can embrace the messiness, and, survive and thrive during your journey in motherhood.

£65 for this 5 wk workshop + £10 donation (donation payable directly to The Walled Garden)

For more or to book email: leah@themoonlab.net

Kate Bush: An Online Writing Series for Self-Discovery


Held via Zoom. To book email me: leah@themoonlab.net

£60 (US $85)

Combining lyrics by Kate Bush as inspiration, poetry therapy techniques, music videos & writing prompts related to her songs to understand what we can learn about ourselves. A space to help you discover new insights, deepen your connection with yourself. Themes include: Perspectives: Seeing things differently; Inner child: Embracing and working with our inner child; Cultivating Joy: What brings you happiness; The Masks We Wear: Exploring our shadow self; Alchemy: Transformation of self. We’ll watch her music videos, read her lyrics and you’ll be led through different writing prompts and exercises to help you explore your emotional responses to her works.

Pic credit: Rolling Stone

Review. Rewrite, Reboot your life.

4 Weeks | 7pm – 8.30pm |

17, 24, 31 May & 14 June 2023 (MAX 10 places)

*not 4 consecutive weeks – there’s a one week gap between 31 May and 14 June.

This 4-week course is held in conjunction with Clementine app. It’s an online group course to help you to design a life that you want. It covers all aspects of your life – work, sex, relationships, health, career, finances – everything.

You’ll meet 9 other people to work through the course using the Clementine Reboot handbook (which I helped to create). We prefer the tactile nature of a book to help get the creative juices flowing. You’ll receive a copy of the Reboot Handbook ready for you to start your 4-week online course.

Held via Zoom. Usually course bookings are via Moon Lab but in this instance you can book directly with Clementine – more info about the course can also be found here Reboot Booking Info

£120 (includes course workbook and postage)

The Royal Road to Dreams (Online)

13 & 20 July, 3, 10 & 17 Aug 2022 Over 6 weeks / 6.30pm – 8.30pm

This series offers a safe and creative space to harness and explore your nocturnal world using poetry, writing exercises and journaling, to help you to discover new insights, deepen your connection with your unconscious mind, and to understand yourself better. Notice what your dreams are signalling to you and learn to embrace and explore anxiety dreams or nightmares. Each week we will focus on a different function of sleep and dreams.

Held via Zoom. To book email me: leah@themoonlab.net

£70 for this 6 wk series (2 hrs each week)

For more or to book email: leah@themoonlab.net

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