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I have lived experience using creative writing and poetry as a way to process life challenges and as a way to explore creativity. I offer a safe space to explore the hidden. This approach often leads to insights and light bulb moments that surface on the page. I run small workshops for beginners to introduce you to different techniques exploring your inner world and to inspire your creative potential.

I’m particularly interested in helping new parents to use poetry, a manageable form, to process their experiences and find a beneficial way to spend those all-important and precious moments of ‘me time’.

I’m a freelance wellbeing writer and a published poet with an MA in Creative Writing (Birkbeck, London). I’m currently working on my debut collection of poetry about sleep, dreams and the subconscious mind. There’s more about my work here: www.leahlarwood.co.uk

I have undertaken various CPD and short courses in mindfulness, counselling and writing therapy. I’m currently training with the International Federation of Biblio Poetry Therapy under the supervision of world leading Poetry Therapist, psychologist and author, Dr Geri Chavis.

Interested in learning more? You might like to read this article I wrote about the therapeutic powers of poetry for In the Moment magazine.

What is writing for wellbeing, and how does it differ to creative writing?

Winter Solstice: Twinkles in the coal pile

Creative Writing for Wellbeing

TWO DATES £15 | 4 – 6pm | Sun, 20 December 2020 OR 6.30pm – 8.30pm | Mon, 21 December 2020

Zoom Workshop Goal: Harness winter and tap into the still and wild beauty of winter, embracing the darkness and slowing down. Find meaning with winter poetry: Engaging in poetry by reflecting, listening and taking part in short poetry exercises and prompts. Understanding where we are in winter, harnessing and working with winter, cultivating acceptance, creating aspirations, hopes and gentle and goals to see you through the rest of the season. (Max 8 in a group.)

to book email me: leah@themoonab.net

Dream Writing Workshop: Nocturnal Journaling

£20 | 5 December 2020 | 11am – 12.30pm (max 8)

Zoom Workshop Goal: Use your dreams to understand yourself better. Learn the golden rules of dream journaling, the benefits of documenting your dreams, and take part in some guided writing exercises to help you process and explore your dreams. Understand more about your dreams, to find creative inspiration while you sleep and how you can use your dreams to inform your writing or other creative projects. No writing experience is needed, just a desire to write and an active curiosity about your dreams.

to book email me: leah@themoonlab.net

Before the Clock Strikes: Using poetry to find New Year gifts

Creative Writing for Wellbeing

£20 | 31 December, 3-5pm (GMT) (max 8)

Zoom Workshop Goal: Reflecting and Rebirthing: Examining the highs and lows of 2020, ways we’ve grown or adapted, things we’ve learnt. Looking at poems of re-birth, reflection, change, courage and bravery. Participants will create, not New Year’s resolutions, but sankalpas (a more positive and yogic approach to goal-setting) for 2020 by using prompts from poems

Exploring what we will do with our “one wild and precious life” in 2021. Learn journaling approaches and exercises designed to support the start of your year..

to book email me: leah@themoonlab.net

Planting seeds: Winter Wellbeing Writing

Transitioning from winter into spring

£60 | 5-weeks from 27 Feb until 27 March, 4-6pm (GMT)

This writing for wellbeing 5-week course offers a safe and creative space to explore the final month of winter, arguably the hardest stretch for some, and transitioning from the season’s wild and still nature, into the first glimpses of spring. Discovering what you can learn about yourself through poetry and writing exercises, this course is about emerging from the depths of darkness anew.

The purpose of this course isn’t to master form or learn how to write a poem, but to simply throw any rules into wild abandon, and instead, write for yourself and for your own wellbeing and inner growth. Though, often people will find inspiration for poems and stories through this type of work, it’s a happy accident, rather than the main purpose of this approach.

to book email me: leah@themoonlab.net

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