Eat the Seasons: Winter Special 2019

  OK so we’re in the thick of it now. Winter. No signs of sweet berries, unless you stock piled some from the summer – this is the first time I’ve actually done this and I must say I’m feeling slightly smug about my freezer habits for the first time in my life. But ifContinue reading “Eat the Seasons: Winter Special 2019”

Samphire Special: How to forage for, prepare and cook with Samphire

With over 90 miles of ridiculously beautiful beaches here in Norfolk, as you’d expect, there are some rather delicious things that come from these waters.  Including a rather exquisite sea vegetable called samphire, which locals pronounce as sam-phur (not sam-fire). It’s almost the season for talking about samphire. I wrote about it a couple of years agoContinue reading “Samphire Special: How to forage for, prepare and cook with Samphire”

Eat the Seasons: Winter Special

Why seasonal & local produce is better for you and your purse strings! Nutritionists and foodies both agree that it’s important to incorporate seasonal produce in your diet. Not only will it have a positive impact on your health and on the planet but on your purse strings too. It’s also a great opportunity toContinue reading “Eat the Seasons: Winter Special”