Hypnosis offers the gateway to reprogramming an unwanted behaviour pattern and replacing it with a positive one. In one of the largest studies ever undertaken in hypnosis, New Scientist came out with the verdict: “Hypnosis is proven to work”. What many don’t realise is that it’s one of the most natural self-healing gifts to mankind. The hypnotherapist is merely the expert guiding their clients to make the change. It is the client who actually makes the change in themselves, not the therapist.

My journey began after two transformational experiences using hypnotherapy for child birth and stress-reduction. I was really moved by the results and so I started to study this field and continued to witness powerful change within others too.

Find new perspectives for positive change

Clinical Hypnotherapy

I offer treatments for stress, confidence, anxiety, low mood, inner child work, weight loss, self-esteem, relaxation, work-life balance, sleep, dreams, inducing lucid dreams.

Contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation.

I also offer Zoom video hypnotherapy sessions for those who prefer a remote session

Otherwise, sessions are held at The Practise Rooms, The Lanes, Norwich.

Email me: leah@themoonlab.net

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation

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