A Buddhist Silent Retreat in Northern India

For less than £100, you can spend 10 days on a meditation retreat in Northern India at the Tushita Institute, located a short distance from the Dalia Lama’s residence in Dharamsala. This was by far the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done for my mind and soul. In 2013, I spent five months travelling aroundContinue reading “A Buddhist Silent Retreat in Northern India”

Lucid Dreaming on Holy Isle

Length: 4 nights Course Leader: Charlie Morley Cost: £308 single room, £264 twin each, £232 dorm. All inclusive rate. If like me you’re fascinated by dreams, then this weekend trip to the Holy Isle is perfect for you. It takes place once a year, usually in the spring or summer. Spaces are limited which isContinue reading “Lucid Dreaming on Holy Isle”