Nightmares: How to Handle Dragons

This post is about one of my favourite subjects – dreams. Even if you never have nightmares yet you are interested in dreams and what they mean, read on… Although nightmares are more common among children, apparently one out of every two adults have nightmares now and then – and between 2% and 8% ofContinue reading “Nightmares: How to Handle Dragons”

School for Parents: Review of P.E.T Method

Muddling Through Despite what you might see on social media, it’s not all podgy hands and daisy chains in our world. Nobody hands you an instruction manual when you become a parent. If you’re lucky, a flurry of well-meaning friends will probably lend you a selection of parenting books, each one containing fascinating yet vastlyContinue reading “School for Parents: Review of P.E.T Method”

Reiki Resistance: My Article in Touch Magazine

I’d like to share one of the articles I wrote for the autumn issue of Touch Magazine – the community magazine of Reiki Association UK. I’ve been an Editorial Assistant since the late summer and so this is my first complete issue. Although I’ve been practising Reiki for a few years, this piece touches on aContinue reading “Reiki Resistance: My Article in Touch Magazine”

Using creative thinking to improve your wellbeing

Sponsored Post This week the prestigious Bridport Prize announced the winners of its annual prose and poetry competition. It was an honour to have two of my poems shortlisted again this year. I was very surprised that they liked the sleep-deprived pieces out of those submitted, which also happened to be the first two poemsContinue reading “Using creative thinking to improve your wellbeing”

A Buddhist Silent Retreat in Northern India

For less than £100, you can spend 10 days on a meditation retreat in Northern India at the Tushita Institute, located a short distance from the Dalia Lama’s residence in Dharamsala. This was by far the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done for my mind and soul. In 2013, I spent five months travelling aroundContinue reading “A Buddhist Silent Retreat in Northern India”

Lucid Dreaming on Holy Isle

Length: 4 nights Course Leader: Charlie Morley Cost: £308 single room, £264 twin each, £232 dorm. All inclusive rate. If like me you’re fascinated by dreams, then this weekend trip to the Holy Isle is perfect for you. It takes place once a year, usually in the spring or summer. Spaces are limited which isContinue reading “Lucid Dreaming on Holy Isle”