Female First: Things to Do By The Sea In Winter

Call me strange (many do) but I prefer going to the coast in the winter. Here in Norfolk we’re pretty lucky to live just a stone’s throw from a plethora of beach options, and then there is neighbouring Suffolk too. Even if you don’t live close to the sea, a drive to your nearest coastalContinue reading “Female First: Things to Do By The Sea In Winter”

How Does Hypnosis Actually Work?

I love anything to do with the subconscious mind and dreams. Though my interest in hypnotherapy really began when I became pregnant. It’s true that for some, hypnosis feels shrouded in mystery. So I thought, I need to blog about this to show just how helpful it can be. What is hypnosis? My favourite explanationContinue reading “How Does Hypnosis Actually Work?”

Female First article: Foraging for Herbs

This week I’ve written an article for Female First: 10 Hedgerow Herbs that will Brighten Up Your Summer Cooking. In addition to this article, which you can access via the above link, I’ve also added some extra information below about the wonderful herb foraging workshop I took part in recently. Forgotten Herbs and How to UseContinue reading “Female First article: Foraging for Herbs”

Eastern Daily Press: Healthy Eating in Norfolk & Suffolk

Healthy Eating Week 11th – 15th June This Healthy Eating Week, discover some of the healthiest restaurants and cafes in our region along with some fast-food options with surprisingly wholesome twists. Since I started my 12-week fitness and healthy eating programme with Paradox Living, I’ve been making some considered changes to the way I approachContinue reading “Eastern Daily Press: Healthy Eating in Norfolk & Suffolk”

The Lady magazine: Top 10 Tips for Meditation

This week I wrote my second article for the fabulous, The Lady magazine. You can read the full article at the end of this post. But first, here’s a quick intro:   Meditation vs. Mindfulness In short, meditation (or mindfulness) is simple tool that will change your life for the better. It’s about bringing moreContinue reading “The Lady magazine: Top 10 Tips for Meditation”

The Lady magazine: Eat the Seasons – Summer Fruit & Veg

I know we have a few more days, possibly months, until summer finally declares it’s arrival. But when those flashes of momentary light do reach us, so will all those juicy and vibrant summer fruit and vegetables we all love to pluck, cook and devour each year. I can’t wait. I didn’t manage to blogContinue reading “The Lady magazine: Eat the Seasons – Summer Fruit & Veg”

Out of Body Experience Workshop

That time I won an Out of Body Experience Course on Valentine’s Day. As you do. Valentine’s Day just gone, something pretty rad happened. I won an Instagram competition. The prize was a place on an Out of Body Experience course with Jade Shaw in London. What an amazing gift to receive for a wellbeingContinue reading “Out of Body Experience Workshop”

Finding my Zafu: 8 Weeks to Mindfulness

Ever been curious about mindfulness? I bet you’ve at least tried one of HeadSpace’s guided meditations before. If you would like to learn more about finding your inner power, then read on sisters.  OK, so life has been a bit upside down since I became a parent. Once upon a time I use to meditate,Continue reading “Finding my Zafu: 8 Weeks to Mindfulness”