Leah Larwood, Hypnotherapist

Pic Credit: Alexandra Cameron

Based in Norfolk, I’m a qualified hypnotherapist, fully insured and operating under the governing body of The National Hypnotherapy Society.

Mindfulness of Dreams and Sleep Practitioner

One of my main areas of interest is dream work. Under the guidance of teacher and best-selling author, Charlie Morley, I’ve been practising mindfulness of dreams of sleep, lucid dreaming, and shadow work, for the last ten years.

I’ve completed 100 hours training which includes two immersive retreats, various workshops, classroom training and personal study in lucid dreaming and shadow work. I have lucid dreaming practitioner status (level 1) and a more in-depth continuing personal development (CPD) for Therapists training (level 2).

I am one of 18 therapists in the world, the first-ever group to be trained in this field by Charlie Morley.

Therapeutic Writing Practitioner

I offer entry-level workshops in therapeutic writing. I’m a published poet with an MA in Creative Writing (Birkbeck, London), currently working on my debut collection of poetry about sleep, dreams and the subconscious mind. I have undertaken various CPD and short courses in mindfulness, counselling, and, I’m currently studying therapeutic writing with the International Federation of Biblio-Poetry Therapy. I am a member of The Poetry Society and Lapidus International.

Communications and Writing for Organisations & Media

I also have 19 years’ experience working in communications and I continue to help wellbeing organisations on an ad-hoc basis. Currently I provide consultancy to Clementine App, Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust, and littlelifts.

I am also a wellbeing writer and contributor to Red magazine, Breathe, Teen Breathe, Natural Health, Female First, In the Moment magazine among other UK publications.


  • Certified Hypnotherapist: Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills (CERT. HYP CS)
  • Mindfulness of Dreams & Sleep for Therapists Level 2 (Meets the CPD requirements of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • Mindfulness of Dreams & Sleep Practitioner Level 1
  • Mindfulness Teacher Training (MBI-TAC) (in training)
  • Certified Poetry Therapist (CPT) (in training)
  • Introduction to Counselling Skills and Theory (Person-Centred Counselling)
  • MA in Creative Writing and BA in Hons in Public Relations

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training

  • Certificate in Stress Management
  • Certificate in Inner Child Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic
  • Mindfulness of Dream Sleep: For Trauma or Stress Affected Sleep Patterns (CPD)
  • Introduction to Therapeutic and Reflective Writing
  • Ideomotor Response (IMR) and Age Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
  • Parts Therapy (Ego-State Therapy)
  • Practical Parenting Skills Counselling (PET)
  • Mind Charity Training Workshops: Professional Boundaries, Safeguarding, Recording and Reporting, Equality and Diversity, Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Breathworks 8-Week Mindfulness Course
  • Reiki One Degree and Reiki Two Degree The Usui System honouring lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and Furumoto
  • Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society
  • Member of the Guild of Health Writers
  • Member of the Poetry Society
  • Member of Lapidus International

What People Say

“There is something extremely special about Leah. Her in-depth knowledge and extensive personal experience of lucid dreaming is really impressive. However it is her natural ability to share this so positively with others that is truly inspiring. She teaches from a place of compassion and empathy. Her voice is like listening to an angel and her words will make you feel like you can fly. I absolutely recommend Leah to anyone interested in lucid dreaming or mindfulness of dream and sleep. What makes her really stand out is that she genuinely cares about helping people to explore and to achieve their true potential.”

Fi Thompson – British Military Officer and Yoga Teacher.

“Very comprehensive, so many benefits of lucid dreaming.”

“Beautiful manner and storyteller. Loved the lucid dreaming hypnotherapy. Such a soothing voice and so powerful. Amazing, thank you.”

Participants from Lucid Dreaming Group.

“Leah has a very calm, soothing voice – absolutely perfect to help us relax. She talked us through how the exercises would work, and also spent time talking about how they made us feel afterwards. The body scan in particular was excellent.”

Feedback from a wellbeing & mindfulness session held at a Norwich-based digital agency.

“One of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever felt! During the hypnotherapy with Leah, I had some real light bulb moments, which helped tremendously and as a result my anxieties drastically improved shortly afterwards. Six months later, I’m still feeling great.”

Katie, hypnotherapy client

“Leah is a joy to work with. The lucid dreaming workshop she ran for us was amazing. She made the session so accessible, engaging and enjoyable for all. I think her extensive knowledge and experience enables her to lead with such confidence it put everyone at ease. The response was amazing and think it left everyone hungry for more”

Finbarr Carter, University of East Anglia, Student Enterprise Officer

Your gateway to meaningful change.

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  1. Dear Leah, I have read your details, As above, And would like to take part in your next meeting. This is something i have always been interested in, and know it would benefit my Well Being. I look forward to hearing from you. Adrian wicks.

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