Reboot Your 2021

I have some exciting news….plus a competition winning a Reboot workbook and wellbeing virtual festival ticket

Happy New Year everyone!

I know this year has been challenging for many of us, but as my five year old said yesterday while looking at the calendar: “Mummy, look, there’s only two days left of our lives, and then we start again”. I always like the sound of fresh starts and new beginnings, especially now, and regardless of what is going on outside and beyond, there’s always a chance to start again with inside work.

With that said, I’m very excited to tell you about a project I’ve been supporting Kim Palmer with recently. Kim is the founder of a brilliant app called Clementine. Clementine app includes hypnosis sessions to support sleep, confidence and anxiety.

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting Kim with her new workbook – Reboot. Reboot is a game-changing workbook perfect for anyone feeling bored, drained of energy or feeling unhappy with aspects of their life such as feeling stuck at home, at work, in relationships etc. If there’s something in your life that you’d like to change but you can’t put your finger on it, then this workbook is a fantastic place to start.

The Reboot Workbook covers all aspects of your life – work, sex, relationships, health, career, finances – everything.

There are six chapters of creative and practical exercises that you can complete in your own time. There is no set length of time to complete this. It’s simply designed to help you understand your needs, so you’ll be able to make decisions about what to keep in your life and what to ditch. It helps you to find more focus and clarity and you’ll be able to formulate a workable plan.

Really, it’s more of a self-guided course – in a book..

There is limited stock available but you can buy now for delivery in mid-January 2021 when they’re fresh off the press.

For purchase in the UK only (for now)


On New Year’s Day I will be hosting a competition on social media giving away a copy of the Reboot workbook AND a free ticket to the Reboot festival which is taking place 18th – January 28th 2021, over 8 evenings. So please do keep an eye out for that. So, more about the Reboot festival…

Reboot Festival

The Reboot festival is like the virtual version of the book and will help you to REBOOT your career, confidence, sleep, body image, love life, sex life, and more.

There are 22 kick-ass female speakers, including model and activist Nyome Nicholas-Williams, sex educator Alix Fox, and entrepreneur Meg Matthews to talk about topics important to every woman. Reboot will help you to ask for a pay rise, get to sleep faster, improve your sex life and ditch imposter syndrome, just to mention a few!

Tickets for the event give you access to all eight days, allowing you to dip in and out of the topics that interest you most, or to watch every single minute. Check out our full break-down of our day topics below:

Week One – Monday January 18th – Thursday January 21st 2020

Day One: Reboot 2021 🍊 – time to let go of 2020 and look forward with a refreshed view and vision for your 2021

Day Two: Reboot Your Career ⭐ – learn how to write a banging CV, take a great LinkedIn photo and refresh and reboot your career

Day Three: Reboot Your View Of Your Body 😌 – tune in to body acceptance, the portrayal of women’s bodies in the media and a needed “get-rid” of the designer vagina

Day Four: Reboot Your Love Life 💜 – take a dive into your dating profiles, the rules of dating and maintaining a relationship throughout lockdown 

Week Two – Monday January 25th – Thursday January 28th 2020

Day Five: Reboot Your Confidence 💃 – learn how to ditch imposter syndrome, ask for the salary you deserve and discover the power of your personal brand

Day Six: Reboot Your Health – hear about all things from periods to making menopause more comfortable and the realities of egg freezing

Day Seven: Reboot Your Sleep 😴 – explore your dreams, learn facial massage for the ultimate sleep routine and how to properly unwind before bed

Day Eight: Reboot Your Sex Life 🔥 – turn up the heat to reclaim and revolutionalise your sex life

Some of our incredible speakers include:

  • Nyome Nicholas-Williams, Model & Activist
  • Meg Matthews, Founder of Meg’s Menopause
  • Alix Fox, Sex Educator & Broadcaster
  • Harriet Minter, Journalist & Broadcaster
  • Michelle Elman, Body Confidence Coach & Author
  • Maria Agvitidis, New York Matchmaker
  • Tiwa Ogunlesi, Confidence Coach
  • Ronke Lawal, Personal Brand Expert
  • Nichi Hodgson, Journalist & Broadcaster
  • Dr Shelby Harris, Sleep Hygiene expert 
  • Lora Di Carlo, Founder of Lora Di Carlo
  • Christian Norman, Pinterest Expert
  • Lucy Chamberlain, Recruitment Specialist
  • Emma Kangis, Career Coach
  • Saskia Nelson, Photography Expert
  • Charly Lester, Dating Expert
  • Laura Vowells, Relationship Expert
  • Lauren Langdell, Recruitment Specialist
  • Lauri Loewenberg, Dream Specialist
  • Lauren Doherty, Relaxation Expert
  • Andrea Balboni, Relationship Coach, 
  • and Kim Palmer, Founder of Clementine.

Join us and our amazing community of women to help REBOOT your life. 

Ticket price – £20

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