8 ways to find balance

The Moon Lab is in Stylist this week!

Finding balance is the holy grail for most of us, more so now than ever. From work/life balance to mental balance, we all know that finding equilibrium is what leads to less anxiety and stress, and more peace.

Yet as humans we sometimes find it difficult to implement this. In this article by Stylist here are 8 tips from people working in wellbeing, which suggest a few approaches to consider.

I really like the one about self-awareness and instilling boundaries. This is so important. As is understanding our motives and reasons for resisting what we know is good or beneficial for us. In psychology there is a term called “secondary-gains”. Primary gains are tied to the original cause of an issue, whereas secondary gains are the result of an issue. Secondary gains include the psychological benefits from the physical or psychological symptoms. So for example. If we suddenly remove heightened work stress yet we find that we’re still just-as-stressed, because another part of our life suddenly feels “busy”, then we might need to explore why we are drawn to “busyness” and consider whether we have a secondary gain from the act of being busy – such as being able to avoid something else that is occurring in our life e.g. does being “busy” allow you to miss certain other commitments you wish to avoid. Or else is the “busyness” a distraction from something else that needs attention and perhaps feels “too overwhelming” to look at.

In many cases, it’s likely that it’s possible to make adjustments in our lives and for us to instil balance by making some simple yet considered changes to our lifestyle. Of course, there will be busy periods during our lives, this happens, it’s when our life feels chronically busy or stressful that we need to take stock and evaluate things.

In this same Stylist article, there’s also a tip from me on the benefits of affirmations and the best time to use them. (See below.) But please do check out the full article here if you’re looking for some inspiration in relation to finding balance.

3 responses to “8 ways to find balance”

  1. A lovely post Leah – I have a little book of affirmations that I use, but I need to use them more regularly – just on waking is usually a good time for me (about it being a great day usually!) Interesting what you say about the time you should use them too.

    1. Thanks Lauretta. You can use them at any point in the day but it’s thought when you’re in a relaxed state or else in a state of hypnosis, which we often are at various points in the day, then affirmations can be more effective. Motivation is key though, and really believing in what you’re saying ☺️

      1. Thanks Leah – sounds great and makes sense.

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