Female First: Things to Do By The Sea In Winter


Call me strange (many do) but I prefer going to the coast in the winter. Here in Norfolk we’re pretty lucky to live just a stone’s throw from a plethora of beach options, and then there is neighbouring Suffolk too.

Even if you don’t live close to the sea, a drive to your nearest coastal spot in the winter will be well worth it still, I promise.

The main differences are that you’ll just need warmer clothing, you’ll spend less time outdoors, and you’ll spend less time doing the things you would do in the summer. But there are other things you can do.


I don’t know what it is about our January day trips at the weekends, but I just seem to connect more with the sea at wintertime. It speaks to me. It feels wildly romantic for a start and more atmospheric, alive. The other reasons I prefer the winter at the coast is that it feels as though you’ve escaped to somewhere very, very different. We’re a little cooped up indoors during the winter here in the UK, so by making the effort to head out to the coast, it feels as though you’ve ventured to a foreign land. Also, it’s often far quieter in the winter, and in my opinion, more beautiful. The sky might not always be bright blue – though it is sometimes – but the sea is a stunning sparkling colour and instead, the sky is often dramatic.

Vinegary chips always taste better in the winter too, trust me! Take a flash of mulled wine, hot spiced apple juice or some chai tea with you.

If you’re interested in ‘things to do at the beach in the winter’, then read on.

I recently wrote another article for Female First on Things to do by the Sea in Winter. There’s lots of ideas here on things to do in the colder months – just click on the link.


Here are two other wellbeing-inspired ideas that I didn’t mention in the article…

Winter yoga or meditation

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a spot of yoga or meditation on the beach in winter. Though you may wish you just do short bursts of activity, say 15 minutes, weather dependent. What a setting for it! Remembering to wear warm yet comfortable clothes, the sound of the waves, stillness of air and spaciousness are sure to leave a strong impression on you after your session.

A wish upon a wave

Tap into the expansiveness of the ocean to set your intentions for the year ahead. Take an eco-friendly piece of paper – like some rice paper (or a large pale leaf if you can find one) and write on it either your intentions, wishes, sankalpas or hopes and dreams for the coming year. Use some seaweed or other natural items from the beach to attach the paper to a medium-sized stone. Then throw your wishing stone into the waves. See what comes back…

Cosy Bolthole By the Sea

Looking for a winter bolt hole by the sea? You might like to read a review of one of my favourite spots in Aldeburgh. The Brudenell Hotel: Find out more about this super cosy retreat, where you can see and hear the sound of the waves from your bed! (Click on the Brudenell link or the picture below.)


What do you do at the coast in the winter? I’d love to hear any other ideas you have. Love Leah X


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