Best Wellbeing Posts of 2018

Here’s a round-up of my favourite wellbeing posts of 2018 – the posts I’m post proud of.

 Honest Mum: A Twinkle in The Coal Pile


I think my proudest blog post was actually a guest blog post I wrote for Honest Mum earlier this year about post natal depression. It took a lot for me to open up about this subject but I’m so glad I did. I’ve never received so many messages from both women, and men alike. Even months later people keep mentioning it and a friend of a friend said it helped his brother who had experienced depression following the sleep deprivation of fatherhood. I also received the most gorgeous hand written five-page letter (along with thoughtful gifts) from an old university friend. She was touched about how my honesty helped her through a very difficult first few months and helped her to feel that what she was experiencing was OK.

Treat Norwich: Autumn Acupuncture

IMG_0097 2

If like me, you catch every cold and bug under the sun, you might want to read about the time I blogged about acupuncture. Did you know that if you have an acupuncture session just before the onset of a cold virus, it might be possible to nip it in the bud? It worked for me in the early autumn. Worth a go eh?

Are you a dreamer? How to Lucid Dream


For those of you who regularly follow my blog or who know me, you will know that I’m big into lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you have an awareness that you’re dreaming. If you can tap into this, it’s possible to do all manner of things, from learning a new skill, facing your fears, healing, and many many more beneficial things. There’s more here in this blog post which is perfect for those new to lucid dreaming.

The Lady: Top Ten Tips For Meditation


During the summer I wrote an article for The Lady magazine, sharing my top tips for those new to meditation. Worth a read if you’re hoping to get back into meditation or give mindfulness a go at some point.

Post Natal Depression: 6 Alternative Ways to Help PND

Roots and Toots Mug

Following from my Honest Mum guest blog post, I decided to blog about the alternative approaches that helped me through PND. This was one of my most popular Instagram posts! Find out why here…

Herbalism: Foraging for Herbs, For Health


I’ve been a keen forager and herb gatherer since I was a child. But this year, my interest has stepped up a notch. I took part in a great herbalist workshop and learnt so much. There’s more here in this article I wrote for Female First, along with some extra knowledge on different wild herbs and their medicinal benefits.


Finding my Zen: 8 Weeks to Mindfulness


I’ve practised meditation on and off for many years and it was only last January that I decided to study it from a non-secular point of view. I did a wonderful Breathworks course on Mindfulness for Stress. More here about how it changed my winter.


OBE: Out of Body Experience Workshop


Wow. Now this was one heck of a Valentine’s present! I won a place on this fantastic workshop by Jade Shaw. I learnt how to induce a natural out of body experience, to help with your wellbeing and perspective on life. More here:

Nightmares: How to Handle Dragons


OK, so alongside my PND posts this year, I’d say this post wins joint first place. This blog post is how I taught our then 2 year old, not only how to lucid dream but how to use her dreams and nightmares to overcome her fears. It worked! Find out more here.

Parenting Techniques: School for Parents

Pic: Jess Wilkins Photography

I did the most fantastic parenting course just over a year ago now. It was with my ex counselling tutor, Andrea Rippon. She taught an approach called the PET method of parenting. Forget the naughty step, this is an assertive yet much kinder way to ‘parent’. It’s both fair and kind to both parent and child. Do you have a spirited child or teenager? This one could be for you.

Big C: How to Use Writing Therapy to Improve Your Wellbeing

Linked In & Website

This was a guest blog post I wrote for my local cancer charity, Big C. I’m actually the case study writer for the charity and here I wrote about how writing can help your wellbeing through difficult times in your life.




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