Out of Body Experience Workshop

That time I won an Out of Body Experience Course on Valentine’s Day. As you do.

Valentine’s Day just gone, something pretty rad happened. I won an Instagram competition. The prize was a place on an Out of Body Experience course with Jade Shaw in London. What an amazing gift to receive for a wellbeing explorer. Just perfect. Far better than all the chocolates and flowers in the world.

I first started following OBE Speaker and Teacher, Jade Shaw, on social media around a year ago after spotting her inspiring feed via her husband Charlie Shaw, who brought my lucid dreaming practice alive almost ten years ago.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Just the phrase ‘Out of Body Experience’ might seem a bit far out but stay with me – this is a really exciting and extremely beneficial thing! Plus there’s science to back up the phenomenon, and if you haven’t had one before, you can learn how to do it.


What is an Out of Body Experience?

An Out of Body Experience, also known as Astral Projection, is literally when you separate or exit from your physical body, or if you like, your physical body is asleep, while you pop out for a moment. (Don’t worry you can return to your body at any point.)

It’s a proven and scientific phenomenon. In psychics there are 10 dimensions and apparently when you have an Out of Body Experience, this is when you enter the 6th dimension (and sometimes the 10th). Fact.

What are the benefits?

Why would you choose to leave your body? Sounds a bit like dying you’re thinking. Firstly, it’s perfectly safe and secondly it can be life-changing.

There are lots of different ways you can have an OBE. A popular way is directly via your sleep state. Some people just have them by accident and others have them during meditation. Another commonly known way is during a near-death experience. I’m sure you’ve often heard the stories of people leaving their body, looking down at the scene and then choosing to return. Once they have returned, many report coming back with a new lease of life, living their life in a more meaningful way. Well, you would wouldn’t you? If you actually experienced leaving your body (a simulation of dying) and witnessed a 360 degrees view on your life and the world, and you actually felt OK, when you returned, you would make it count, wouldn’t you. Plus you’d return reassured.

In fact, Jade mentioned a great book called “Dying to be me” which is a New York Times best-seller. Written by Anita Moorjani, who recounts the time she almost died. On the day of her (almost) death, she started to leave her body but actually chose to return. She reported being able to clearly understand and see what was going on and how her passing would impact those she was leaving behind. She didn’t feel overwhelmed or emotional but detached and content, with clarity. Although she’d been battling with cancer for years, when she returned, she started to make a recovery within in short time. Her life from then on in took on a whole new meaning.

There are other ways you might experience an OBE, if only for a split second or two. And it is possible to induce an OBE. That’s what Jade’s brilliant day-long course was about. I’m not going to mention the techniques Jade spoke about as I really think it’s important to understand the concept fully and the best way would be by heading along to one of her workshops or reading more about it (links at end of this post).

There are heaps of benefits. Similarly to Anita’s experience, you will still experience significant benefits through sleep-included OBEs.

Benefits after experiencing an OBE include:

  • Spiritual Awakening: You start to see beyond the physical body, explore the nature of mind and reality.
  • Connection: You connect to a higher universal awareness and experience the interconnectedness of all life
  • Perspective: Greater appreciation of life. It is said, after an OBE, you wake with a positively overwhelming feeling
  • Facing fears: Decreased fear of death. Overcoming fear is the art if out of body experience, which builds a habit of fearlessness
  • You become more intuitive and psychic and you can receive teachings from spirit guides or teachers.


What actually happens during an OBE? 

Most OBEs happen when you are asleep. But don’t worry, you can only leave your body for up to 20 minutes and sometimes it’s just for a few seconds. You can return at any point. You feel as though you are separate to yourself and it’s possible to turn and look around at your body. You feel as though you are psychically there but you have no or little sense of time. In fact you can see 360 degrees and travel to anywhere in this world or beyond. Sounds far out right? But it is possible. Don’t take my word for it. Check out all the information online.

Unlike a dream or lucid dream, you can choose to actually visit places in real life. Although your lucid dream may seem realistic of real life, you’re not actually there, you’re still in your mind.

Jade wanted to verify her experience so in an early OBE she visited a nearby road, a place she hasn’t been before. She found a door and remembered the house number and that morning after she woke for the day, she walked to the house she visited. Low and behold, the door number matched the one she visited in her out of body state.


What happened when I tried to have an OBE?

So I’ve had a lucid dreaming practice for nearly a decade now. For any lucid dreamers out there, there are some similarities between OBE and lucid dreaming in that, you’re in a different state of consciousness, you have full awareness yet not in the waking state. But, because I’m so used to lucid dreaming, it did take me a while to get my head around the idea behind OBEs.

Since the course, I keep having lucid dreams that I’m having an OBE. They are so realistic that I wake feeling certain it was one. Even prior to the course, I was sure that I’d had OBEs before. I remember leaving my body and visiting ‘real places’ but the two ingredients which seem missing are a) I didn’t experience the vibrational state before exiting my body and b) I didn’t wake feeling too different – definitely content and happier but I usually have that after a good lucid dream anyway. I get the impression that when you have an OBE, you know about it!

My Suspected OBE (which happened after the course)

The following is an extract from my lucid dreaming journal:

26th February 2018

Suspected Out of body Experience and some great lucid dreams.

(Evelyn woke at 2am and by 4am I think I got back to sleep.)

Around 4am ish I got back to sleep and stayed in the hypnogogic for a while. Was conscious of lying in my bed but sleeping. Rolled over to my right and it felt as though half of my body came out. It felt slow, not fast like I thought it would be. Almost painfully slow. I instantly wanted to turn around and look at my body but it scared me a bit and I wasn’t “fully out anyway” so I kept going “with it”.

Didn’t feel any vibrations or hear any sounds (these involve visceral sensory aspects such a floating, shifting, tearing away from the physical body – sometimes audio & visual sensations e.g. flashes of light etc).

I entered lots of blackness, but layered darkness, with white features. A white paint colour, not white light, the white was dense in places – like white markings or symbols in a cave.

Difficult to remember and explain exactly. I remember Jade’s comment about avoiding OBE if you have severe depression and I remember not being in a positive frame of mind before bed so I was holding back a little (even though my depression is much better now).

It was like I was falling but flying and I didn’t seem to have much control like I would in lucidity. There was movement but it was slow and sure and connected to something else. Not me. I felt really awake with full awareness, it was different to being lucid.

So I felt apprehensive and asked, without words, to return to my body.

I don’t remember exactly how this next part happened but I then went into a lucid dream instead.

Unlike the last experience, it was really obvious a lucid dream. I felt at ‘at home’ instantly.

I was really thrilled to be lucid. Showed huge amount of heart-felt gratitude to the dream. “I let the light in” so to speak and probably for once, really tried to genuinely connect with the feeling of gratitude and love (as learnt in mindfulness) and I was saying “I love you” to the dream (i.e. to me). Really trying to mean it. As at first I was saying I love you (to myself/dream) and didn’t feel it in my heart. So I really cultivated this deeper feeling of love for my dream, subconscious and myself.

Showed lots of love to dream. This was all done within a beautiful dark gothic sleeping city. The sleeping city responded. It breathed with joy at the love I was giving.

Lots of things happened but I don’t remember it all.

Then there was further detail about my subsequent lucid dreams – but that’s a story for another time 🙂

If you are interested in finding out more, do check out Jade’s events.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 15.53.15
Instagram Post: jade_shaw_obe_coach

Useful resources for expanding your OBE knowledge….


  1. Graham Nicholls (Self-Induced OBE)
  2. Nancy Trivellato (Spontaneous OBE)
  3. Anita Moorjani (OBE from Near Death Experience)


  • Navigating the Out of Body Experience – Graham Nicholl’s (Jade recommends this as the best practical book).
  • Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe (well known classic but old book)
  • Adventures Beyond the Body – William Bulhman (Robert Monroe’s student)
  • Dying to Be Me – Anita Moorjani (near death experience mentioned previously)
  • Multidimensional Man – Jurgen Ziewe





For more information contact Jade Shaw

Instagram: jade_shaw_obe_coach

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WalkBetweenWorlds/

Twitter: @jadeshaw_obe

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