Reiki Resistance: My Article in Touch Magazine

Wellbeing and Reiki

I’d like to share one of the articles I wrote for the autumn issue of Touch Magazine – the community magazine of Reiki Association UK. I’ve been an Editorial Assistant since the late summer and so this is my first complete issue.

Although I’ve been practising Reiki for a few years, this piece touches on a challenging time where I had a resistance to my practice. Have you ever struggled to help yourself when you needed it most? What helped you out of that situation? Perhaps it was a friend or family member or maybe it was someone you’d only just met. This is what happened to me..


Overcoming resistance

Two years ago, assisted only by hypnobirthing techniques and universal energy, my beautiful Reiki baby was born. We were home a lot during those early weeks. Having Reiki at my fingertips felt like a real gift.

However, tickled pink soon changed to monochrome grey. After a couple of weeks we had back-to-back challenges, including breast feeding issues, various midnight trips to A&E and the Community Hospital, unsettled daytime behaviour, colic in the evenings and hourly wakes in the night. When she turned six months old, the chronic sleep deprivation really set in. I had never known exhaustion like it.

The hardest thing was that the Reiki felt muted, and worse still, my Reiki baby cried every time I attempted to give her a treatment. (Thank goodness I’d done my Second Degree in pregnancy so that I could send her Reiki while she slept.) Subsequently, I began to feel sceptical about Reiki. I just kept reciting: This is for our highest good, for our highest good. In truth, I struggled to see that at the time.

Shortly after this, I developed a resistance to Reiki. My hands weighed a ton as I placed them over my eyes in the evenings. I couldn’t visualise the symbols for long and the heat seemed to vanish. Here I was experiencing the most challenging period in my life and I felt like my practise was not making a difference. I knew I should just stick with it but I couldn’t. I felt stunningly lost.

It was only recently when I was reading Charlie Morley’s, Dreaming Through Darkness, that I learned about the Golden Shadow. I was familiar with Carl Jung’s concept of the (Dark) Shadow – the place in our minds where our rejected traits such as anger, fear and shame are stored. However, “Our Golden Shadow is made up of our hidden talents, our blinding beauty and our unfulfilled potential. It contains our intuition, our creativity, childlike vitality and spiritual power,” according to Morley.

Was the powerful gift of Reiki too bright for me to hold when I needed it most?

It was possible, but there were probably a number of factors at play, including the lethargy one feels during postnatal depression. However, there was one profoundly beautiful thing that gently brought me out of my ‘Reiki depression’. I discovered my local Reiki share. It was a two-minute walk from my city flat. Perhaps Reiki had worked after all – it led me there, and if I couldn’t reconnect by treating myself, perhaps someone else might help to release the block.

I felt anxious about giving a treatment again. Was the Reiki energy still flowing through me? What if the receiver didn’t feel anything? Perhaps I needed another attunement? All these unfounded anxieties raced through my mind.

I need not have worried, because I was grouped with the two kind-hearted hosts, Diana Cooper and Margaret Rose who, after the session, both wearing dazed smiles, made a point of telling me just how good the treatment was and I’m sure they didn’t just say this to boost a new member’s confidence.

Since joining the share group I’ve regained my composure, reconnected with my practise and experienced a whole new chapter in my journey. I’ve also made a dear friend, a fellow new mum – we both share similar interests and we often discuss just how pivotal Reiki has been during our journey in motherhood.

Wellbeing and Reiki
How I feel after Reiki – floating and connected. Illustration by Daria Hlazatova

Reiki Share Norwich

The monthly Reiki share group continues and is open to all students of any lineage. The group welcome new members and are a friendly and supportive group of all ages! Contact details below.

Awareness Day

Margaret Rose and Diana Cooper will be holding a Reiki Awareness Day at The Norwich Wellbeing Centre at the end of November/beginning December. They will be offering taster sessions and informal talks about the benefits of Reiki to anyone who is new to this healing tradition. Do let family and friends know if you think they’d be interested. Contact details below.


Following on from the inspiring courses that were run this year, Reiki Master, Margaret Rose and Diana Cooper are also finalising dates for a First Degree Reiki course in early 2018. They are also planning a Second Degree Reiki course for anyone who would like to take their journey further. All courses will be taught at The Norwich Wellbeing Centre. If you would like more information about what the courses entail, or to discuss how they might help you, please get in touch with Diana.

For all enquiries regarding the above events and to book a 1:1 treatment, please contact Diana Cooper on email: or mobile: 07800 810198.

Do you practise Reiki?

Touch Magazine is looking for contributions! We cover a wide range of stories, news, events, features, and interviews about any individual, group or clinic within a Reiki context.

You don’t have to be a professional Reiki practitioner or a member of the Reiki Association to contribute as long as you’ve received Reiki training and use Reiki treatment or practise regularly.

We are currently looking for by-lined one-page stories (500 words) or two-page features (1,000 words) and any events, book launches or news from the Reiki community. We’d also love to hear from any writers, poets or artists who practise Reiki.



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